Update: Grooveshark has closed its service. Here are Best 6 Grooveshark Alternatives

Grooveshark is a wonderful music site where you can find music you like. However, it’s  only available to enjoy the music online, you can’t download or save the music from Grooveshark on your computer or music player since it’s the streaming music. So, how to download music from Grooveshark with a  Grooveshark ripper/recorder? You might ask it. Well, the answer is YES, you can do that.


Here we recommend professional software- Streaming music recorder. It is a powerful tool that can help you convert Grooveshark to MP3 with just 1 click. After that, you can get your favorite Grooveshark music on your computer for free. In addition, it can keep the high quality of the music as the original. Besides Grooveshark, it can also rip music from other streaming music like Spotify. The best feature of this tool is that it can identifies and tags songs automatically and remove ADs between tracks.

Download it here  ( Windows version)   If you are a Mac user, you can get  Mac version here.


Here is the video guide show you how to use this software:

we will share the easy step about how to download music from Grooveshark

Step 1: Install Grooveshark Recorder

After you download the Grooveshark Recorder, install it on your computer and launch it.

manage grooveshark music

Step 2: Set output configuration (option)

You need to make output setting in this step. Just click the small wrench on the top menu bar. In the setting window, you can select the output location for the download music or you can just keep the default place on your computer. Then choose the output format and make the audio setting, such as Sample Rate, Encoder, and Bit Rate.

Step 3: Start to record the Grooveshark music

Click the red recording button and start to play the Grooveshark music. The Grooveshark Recorder will record the music that you are playing and also the song’s information, such as music title, artist, and the album artwork.

If you want to stop recording music, just click “Record” button again and the program will stop working. And all the recorded songs will list in the library. If you are an iTunes user, you can simply select music files to send the downloaded files to the iTunes library quickly.

Tips: You can also use this tool to download Spotify music or other online music.