This summer, Grooveshark signed an out-of-court agreement with EMI Music Publishing and announced an amicable pact with Sony/ATV, according to Digital Music News, though legal battles with Universal Music Group, Sony Music, and Warner Music Group are ongoing.

After 2 years filled with lawsuits and banishment from Google and Apple’s app stores, Grooveshark may be turning things around. CEO Sam Tarantino likens the experience to “getting punched in the face 10,000 times”, but now says Grooveshark is adding 200,000 users a month with particular growth in mobile.

“We’ve always operated with the intent to license content on the platform, and we have been for the past seven years. People tend to forget that I started this company because I’m a musician first, and my goal has always been to leverage technology to build and grow artists,” he said.

“We bootstrapped this thing since the beginning and it is only until now that our slow but steady steps are starting to bear fruit.”