TechCrunch reports that the music streaming service Grooveshark is introducing a new feature that will permit users to play songs over the web for others to listen to and comment on in real time. This brand-new attribute will formally be available on Wednesday, however it has already launched and is offered at

Grooveshark is among the most questionable internet songs platforms, since it doesn’t have licensing work on the major record labels and it’s entirely free of cost for users to hear basically any tune they desire.

GROOVESHARK has actually rolled out “BROADCAST,” which will allow individuals to produce and share their own live-streaming online radio show. The business discusses, “Songs fans and radio program characters will make use of BROADCAST to host listening sessions for pals, colleagues and individuals all over the world. Broadcast provides anybody the opportunity to hop on the air, hand-pick songs to serve up, and tape their own voice for listeners across the internet. For the first time ever before, the day-to-day individual now has the capability to create a radio program with worldwide reach.”.

“We’re thrilled to introduce the first ever truly democratized radio platform, and expect seeing web DJs become stars the way YOUTUBE has produced homegrown video celebrities,” stated GROOVESHARK CEO/Co-founder SAM TARANTINO. “This is a significant leap forward for the web, as the world now has an audio voice to match YOUTUBE’s video voice and TWITTER’s microblogging voice. If the 20th century was characterized by terrestrial radio DJs, the 21st century will be distinguisheded by viral radio DJs and homegrown internet personalities.”.