Shiny Groove is a small but feature-packed Grooveshark player that allows you to hear your whole library, browse your playlists, or search and find out new music all from a mini-player that supports keyboard shortcuts, multimedia keys, even remotes such as headphone controls or the Apple remote.

Grooveshark is one of the most popular streaming music services, and it looks wonderful on the web but its desktop application could be better. Shiny Groove makes up for it with a excellent player that?aeven though it’s in beta’s amazingly polished.

Shiny Groove is small, can be controlled with media keys or remote controls, supports key commands, and packs all of the features of Grooveshark on the web into a tiny box that sits in the corner of your display screen. You could expand the player to get full use of your playlists, search, along with other features, then minimize it to the miniplayer as you prepare to listen. The application downloads and displays artwork for you, and flips artwork over as the songs change. grab the player and shake your mouse to conceal it from the desktop, or make use of the menubar icon to toggle visibility. Shiny Groove is free while it’s in beta. Try it out at the link below.