We have actually currently given you a fantastic breakdown on the very best online songs streaming services readily available today, making it easy for you to pick which is best for you. Out of the four services however, Grooveshark is the only one available to an around the world audience, with Rdio, Spotify and Pandora restricting use to specific countries.

For those of you who have actually been left out of the cold, there’s no rejecting Grooveshark’s strengths, and with a few add-ons and apps, you can make your Grooveshark an even much better experience, making the site the ideal alternative to Spotify, Pandora and Rdio.

Easily Share Songs
If you desire an easy means to search for specific songs on GrooveShark, the website Tinysong makes it easier than ever, even offering you a reduced URL for easy sharing. If you’re a Chrome user you can likewise gain from a little extension that gives you a fast and easy means to search Tinysong without needing to access the website at all. Search engine result can quickly be copied, or saved to your favorites, saved just within the app, not in your Grooveshark favorites.

Import and discover new playlists with Groovylist

If you have actually already got a bunch of playlists produced on iTunes, Spotify or LastFM, you can make use of Groovylist to import your playlists into Grooveshark. In addition to importing your own playlists, you can also add other people’s playlists to your Grooveshark player. Simply clicking the Grooveshark link shared on the website will launch the playlist on the website, making Groovylist an interesting method to find new songs.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts
If you’re a fan of keyboard shortcuts, the Chrome extension, keySharky will certainly attract you. After setting up, open up the extension’s choices to familiarise yourself with the faster ways, or if you prefer, configure the keyboard faster ways of your option. With the faster ways you can play/pause, go to the next or previous track, stop, add the track to your favorites, and readjust the volume, amongst various other choices. Obviously for the shortcuts to work, you need to be on the Grooveshark page.

Turn your phone into a remote with GrooveBud

GrooveBud is a Chrome extension which permits you to regulate Grooveshark remotely from another web browser or device. As soon as you’ve set up the extension, there is nothing to figure. Simply introduce the website, click the GrooveBud icon in the URL bar, and a QR code will come up. Use your mobile gadget to scan the QR code and open up the web browser page with the remote controls. If you want to use GrooveBud on another device that can’t scan QR codes, you can email yourself the link and utilize it on any device of your choice. Don’t bother bookmarking your page though, as each time you load Grooveshark, you will have to scan a brand-new QR code to obtain access.

Replace Advertisements With Lyrics Search
Better Grooveshark, a userscript which works with Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera, changes Grooveshark in numerous methods. First, it removes the ad on the right-hand side of the page, which generally can only be gotten rid of by updating to a paid account. In addition, it changes the ad with a lyrics search engine.

In addition to these main features, it likewise adds the title of the track that is playing to your web browser tab.
If you don’t desire all the functions that Better Grooveshark provides, there are likewise a couple of Chrome extensions that afford you the exact same functions. Ads Free Grooveshark gets rid of the advertisements from the website, and Grooveshark Lyrics includes the option to look for lyrics straight within the site.

Eliminate replicate songs with Grooveshark Enhancement Suite

While keySharky attends to the keyboard faster way issue, if you want a couple of extra attributes, you can set up the Grooveshark Enhancement Suite to obtain keyboard shortcuts and a few additional features. In addition to faster ways, the extension can be used to remove duplicate tracks from your playlists and show lyrics of the currently playing track. The buttons will appear beside the Radio button at the bottom of the display.