Grooveshark requires no recommendation. It is the very best online music service out there. It is your one-stop songs hangout where you can look for, stream, and upload songs that can be played right away or added to a playlist. It likewise has a suggestion engine where you can find the popular songs other people are paying attention.

By default, Grooveshark is only obtainable by means of a browser. To utilize it, the typical way is to open your web browser (or open a brand-new tab), visit the Grooveshark website and begin paying attention to your music. This isn’t truly the most user-friendly means. What if, with the help of some tools, you can have a better Grooveshark experience? Let’s check them out.

1. Control Grooveshark from browser device bar

Looking to manage your Grooveshark without having to switch over to the Grooveshark tab everytime? sharkZapper for Grooveshark is an excellent Google Chrome extension specifically created that. After setup, you can manage your Grooveshark right from your Chrome icon bar. You can Play, Rewind, Next the track and even mute/volume control. It even reveals the Cd Art and a search box for you to look for songs.

2. Block Grooveshark ad

Seriously, I would not wish to shut out the ads in Grooveshark due to the fact that first of all, I do not find them intrusive, and secondly, it is a source of profits for Grooveshark Nonetheless, I understand that many of you object to the advertisements and can’t wait to kill it even before it appears. The most convenient means is to install an advertisement shutting out extension. The most popular is Adblock extension (Google Chrome, Firefox). The advertisement will amazingly vanish after you have set up the extension.

3. Include keyboard support for Grooveshark.

For those who prefer keyboard faster way to mouse click, KeySharky adds the essential keyboard shortcut for you to manage Grooveshark. Once installed, you can press “Ctrl + Change + Alt + Z” to play/pause the current track or “Ctrl + Shift + Alt + D” to skip to the next song in the playlist. There are likewise other useful keyboard faster way like mute, increase/decrease volume. You can even alter the keyboard faster way to other tricks that are more practical for you.

4. Display lyrics in the meantime playing song

If you adore to sing along while your preferred tune is playing, Grooveshark Lyrics (Update: this app is not offered) (Google chrome extension) can show the lyrics when the song is playing.

5. Import iTunes playlist to Grooveshark

If you already have a substantial playlist in your iTunes, the last thing that you want to do is to reconfigure this playlist to your Grooveshark account. Groovylist is a web service that can change your iTunes playlist to Grooveshark format. It supports Last. fm and Spotify too, so you wouldn’t miss out any of your favored track.

6. Remote Grooveshark

There are times where you are not directly in front of your computer, but still desire your Grooveshark songs to continue playing. This is where push-button control for Grooveshark becomes useful. If you own an Android phone, you can set up the Grooveshark Remote (market link) app in the market. This app, works in combination with a Firefox extension, enables you to manage the playback/pause/previous / next of the tracks in your play queue. It is rather very little at the moment, however a minimum of it works.


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