Grooveshark desires no recommendation. It is the greatest online music program out there. It is your one-stop music hangout where you could look for, stream, and upload music that could be played immediately or added to a playlist. It additionally has a recommendation engine where you could find the popular songs most people are listening.

Automatically, Grooveshark is only accessible by a browser. To apply it, the normal way is to open your browser,head to the Grooveshark site and begin enjoying your music. This isn’t truly the most user-friendly way. Let’s say, with the help of some applications, you could have a better Grooveshark experience. Let’s have a look.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

If you’re hot for keyboard shortcuts, the Chrome extension, keySharky will certainly interest you. After setting up, open up the extension’s choices to familiarise yourself with the shortcuts, or if you like, configure the keyboard shortcuts of your option. With the shortcuts you could play/pause, head to the next or previous song, stop, load the song to your own favourites, and modify the volume, amongst other choices. Of course for the shortcuts to work, you need to be on the Grooveshark page.

Place GrooveShark On Your Desktop

Move here and find the Adobe AIR based GrooveShark app. Set it up and you can then release GrooveShark by clicking on a desktop icon. You don’t need to fiddle with browser tabs anymore. It’s much like a desktop music player. Download it here.

Get rid of The Annoying Ads

When the ads on the sidebar on Grooveshark bother you and make the Grooveshark experience less charming, it’s time you set up this extension for Google Chrome. Advertisements won’t appear the next time you visit If you’re using Firefox, set up this Userscript instead.

Display lyrics for today playing song

If you like to sing along while your preferred song is playing, Grooveshark Lyrics could show the lyrics if the song is playing.

Add iTunes playlist to Grooveshark

If you curently have a huge playlist in your own iTunes, the final thing that you want to do is to reconfigure this playlist to your own Grooveshark account. Groovylist is a web program that can convert your iTunes playlist to Grooveshark format. It facilitates and Spotify as well, therefore you wouldn’t miss out any kind of of your favorite track.