All of us find ourselves sometimes paying attention to the same songs over and over once again, in demand of new songs. In addition to recommending music below and on our Twitter and facebook pages, there are truly unique methods for you to find songs on Grooveshark! Today we have 3 tips for you on the best ways to discover brand-new songs!

1. Did you find out about the Similar Artists include on Grooveshark?
In the photo above, we are on Quiet Business’s Artist Page. All we did was input “Quiet Business” in the Search bar on the house page, and clicked on “Quiet Business” in the search engine result to obtain to the Artist Page.
All you need to do is scroll down and view the right side to see the Similar Artists include. But wait! You can discover Comparable Artists an additional means!
On any Artist Page there is a tab at the top for Similar Artists!

You can click out to Artist Pages from any of our Stations, any Playlists, Radio, and much more! By doing this you can begin with an artist you currently like grooving to and find new acts to adore and pay attention to!

2. Our next tip of this great Tuesday is time trip!
Do you love 60’s music but you’re uncertain exactly what artists or tunes you like? Problem fixed! All you have to do is visit Grooveshark and enter “60’s” in the Search bar!
Do this with any decade of music that you like and you will find lots of compilations and playlists from various other outstanding sharks with fantastic taste in songs!
Below we key in “60’s” in the Search bar on the house page and clicked Playlists tab at the top of the page. This is where we find tons of playlists of 60’s tunes made from fellow sharks.

3. You can always discover New Artists and New Releases on our Featured page! It’s upgraded regular so you can always have a stable influx of new awesomeness to find!
All you have to do is go to Grooveshark and click Explore at the top of the page! Inspect it out below.

Make it a musical year by beginning 2012 with these wonderful means to discover new artists that you can follow on Grooveshark, hear whenever you want, and see them live this year! We hope that you will try these ideas to find music that matches your taste. See you tomorrow, Sharks!