Apple is obstructing the Grooveshark app according to copyright concerns. Google is blocking the Grooveshark app on copyright concerns. Chevrolet is currently strengthening a fully-mobile, HTML5 Grooveshark mobile solution that bypasses both of people powerhouses.

Truly, this makes sense from the standpoint of Chevy and General Motors. Because currently, all that copyright stuff indicates almost nothing to primary brands, particularly if it gets in the way of accessing 18-35 males with disposable income. Even if artist and label hatred for Grooveshark has developed into a chorus.

Truly, Grooveshark has been operating on its rather kludgy, HTML5-powered workaround for a while. But Grooveshark also offers huge legal bills and, based on sources, a significant problem with exiting staffers and engineers. Which tends to make Chevrolet the perfectly-massive, deep-pocketed white knight.

Other high-profile Grooveshark backers include Netflix, Ernst & Young, and Mercedes-Benz. These brands are likewise unconcerned with copyright issues, although Grooveshark’s narrative about helping artists and labels can be problematic. At SXSW, Quiet Company – a self-described ‘guinea pig’ promotional companion with Grooveshark – declared that they wouldn’t be continuing the relationship. “They stated they were nowadays artist development program,” band manager Paul Osbon said, based on Digital Trends.